Takashima is a store directly managed by a manufacturer of shell buttons
Therefore, the store is overflowing with shell buttons
Takashima is the only place in the world where you can touch so many shell buttons
If you are not easily satisfied by major handicraft shops and local stores
If you are committed to good products
If online shops do not give you enough information
Please stop by our store once, by all means

Does Takashima only have shell buttons?
No, that is not the case at all
Including metal buttons, water buffalo horn buttons, Scotch buttons, and others
We carry many types of buttons
You can select your favorites from tens of catalogues of buttons
Of course the minimum order is 1 button
Being able to select from this many buttons
This style is only available through Takashima
Other than buttons, we also provide buckles and tapes

Takashima is located in Asakusabashi, in the shitamachi area of Tokyo
This area has long been prosperous as a wholesale district
Now, including bead stores, such as the famous Kiwa Seisakujo, there are many
Leather stores and genuine stone stores, among others, making the area fun just to browse
Also, starting with the Taito Designers Village, may young creators
Are also flocking to this area
Additionally, Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, and Kappabashi are close by
Enabling an entire day of shitamachi sightseeing


The representative of Takashima has been involved in the button industry for 30 years
And is a true professional
How to pick out a good button, how to make shell buttons,
Which buttons match which clothes…
Despite the fierce facial features, explanations are provided generously
Please feel free to ask about anything


1 Walking out of the west exit of the JR Asakusabashi station, make a left

2 Proceeding left, you will see Tenryu, the long-established ramen shop


3 Continuing straight, there is a Family Mart on the right side
Please cross the street in front of the Family Mart
There is a bakery once you cross the street

4 After you cross the street, make a right, and then make a left at the first alley
In the entrance to the alley, you will see the pictured yakiniku shop


5 Continuing through the alley, to the right you will see Nishiguchi Yakiton, a famous shop in Asakusabashi

6 Takashima is diagonally to the left and front of Nishiguchi Yakiton
Because it is a small shop without a banner, please do not pass us by…