Seller company

Address: MTCbuilding1F,Asakusabashi4-1-4,Taito-ku,Tokyo,Japan

Telephone number: +81 3 5835 0955

Person responsible:

Marie Yamamoto

Required cost other than for products

Shipping cost

Payment period for products

Within 3days

How to purchase products

1 Choose your products

2 Confirm shopping cart

3 Provide delivery information

4Choose your purchase

5Place your order

6 Receive order confirmation

Product delivery period:

Within 4weeks

How to pay

Credit card ,Paypal

About return / exchange products

We DO NOT accept return, exchange.In case of damage or loss, the actual damage cost will be compensated. 
Also This item is marked as  NON-RETURNABLE . Any other items returned, with tags removed, or having been used, soiled or damaged will not be refunded.

Other sales condition

About operating company: